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[Debconf-video] whether to ship xfxf's camera

It would cost U$D160 to ship Ryan's camera. Given the general budgetary
climate in -team I'm hesitant to ask for this and I definitely don't
want him to pay the cost himself.

Renting that model or similar cameras for our timeframe costs $600 or
more on the US east coast. That definitely is not an option. I've
considered buying my own, but that would be dumb in my present

I'm fairly certain we can get enough other el-cheapo cameras to cover
our needs. My main concern is that they won't have the dynamic range for
the low light conditions in Interschool Lab (second talk room). We don't
seem to have money to spend on lighting either. So we risk repeating a
problem mentioned in the DC9 final report.

I had hoped to discuss this in the meeting yesterday, but no one showed
up (except for Carl who had to leave for an emergency).

Other people I'm fairly certain we can get consumer cameras from:

I don't know the exact models, but they would be no worse than what
we've had in past years.


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