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[Debconf-video] videos from the debian dev room at fosdem


this mail shall start our planings for recording and streaming from the Debian 
dev room at FOSDEM :-)

http://wiki.debian.org/FosdemVideo2009 has some first raw data, please add 
yourself there if you want to volunteer some work. 

We probably could do with two cameras (one pointing at the speaker, the other 
at the audience) and a twinpact for grabbing the vga-out from the speakers 
laptop, but that would mean we would need _four_ people operating at all 
times: 2 camera operators, 1 audio mixer, 1 video mixer. 

Not sure if this makes sense, we'd also use more space in the room.

And, first and foremost, we need some hardware. At the moment we haven't got a 
single camera and only one computer. If you can bring equiqment, please speak 
up now! (And add it to the wiki page.) 

The network setup shall mostly be the same as we had last year, that is we 
will use apu.debconf.org as external icecast relay. (Or?)


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