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Re: [Debconf-video] broken audio on netconf

On Tue, 2007-06-26 at 14:58 +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> Hi folks,
> first off, a big thanks for your work on recording talk at debconf7.
> I am planning to apply to LCA, and they want video submissions this
> year. Unfortunately, my netconf talk's audio is really weird. I know
> the first 7 minutes don't have audio and it does not matter so much,
> but the rest of the talk has me sounding like a chipmunk.

The problem here is that the sample rate in the DV file changed,
apparently due to a bug in the firmware in the main camera we used in
the Upper Talk Room.  It is possible to make the audio consistent in
Kino.  It may also be possible to restore the missing audio from tape,
depending on where it was muted.  Holger has that tape.

> Could you please reencode the file?

I can't do any reencoding until I receive some SATA drive enclosures,
which were ordered today.  I believe Holger will be getting some


Ben Hutchings
Anthony's Law of Force: Don't force it, get a larger hammer.

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