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Re: [Debconf-video] Goals, wishes and suggestions for Debconf8.

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007 11:08:05 +0200, Tore Sinding Bekkedal <toresbe@gmail.com> wrote:

On 6/24/07, Herman Robak <herman@skolelinux.no> wrote:
> I suggest using a single I/O line off the parallel port, as it can be
> programmed to act as an 8-bit general-purpose TTL-level output.
  My newest laptop does not have a parallell port either, for what it is
To be future proof, the only way to go is USB.  Can any of the cheap USB
be switched on/off by software?

No, but USB to parallel adapters cost nothing.

 128 MB USB pendrives probably cost even less.  They have a light which
turns on when the device is mounted.

Herman Robak

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