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[Debconf-video] Goals, wishes and suggestions for Debconf8.

Wishes to the DC8 orga team:

* Have a complete schedule ready by the beginning of Debcamp
 ** Rescheduling must be communicated to the video team in due time

* Good video tripods for all the cameras that need to move during talks
 (tripods are bulky; I can only bring one...)

* Be ready to provide one cameraperson for each BoF.  The video team
 will strive to reduce BoF coverage to panning, zooming and the push
 of a button on a grabbing laptop.

* Don't throw parties in the talk rooms, unless you want to induce
 ulcers and fury among video team members next morning!

Goals for the DC8 video team:

* To top DC7's coverage ;-)

* Simplified recording workflow, more failsafe.

* A better way of capturing the presenter's screen (software or hardware)

* Training video and/or courses for the cam-ops.

* Talk-back from the director to cam-ops.

* Audience cams that can get good close-ups of _everyone_ in the audience.


* Constant recording by default.  Recording is the "safe" operation,
 stopping it is risky.

* Archiving the streams remotely, for extra redundancy.

* Extending dvswitch to remote-control the sources and the sinks,
 and monitor them for status.

* "Playout"/"autopilot" in dvswitch, that instructs the banner
 dvsource to play a banner specific for the upcoming talk, and
 switches to preset sources (e.g. speaker cam) when the talk is due.


* Remote-controlled cameras, so we can get by with fewer cam-ops

* Full-resolution streams, ensuring legible slides (optional, of course)

* Dedicated documentary equipment, sufficiently shiny for the wannabe
 film-maker.  Maybe a full-blown documentary team.

Herman Robak

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