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[Debconf-video] todays minutes


todays minutes:

- we'll have a meeting during DebCamp everyday at 20 BST in the upper BOF room 
(bof room 2)

- I just realize it would be great if someone else writes minutes, as I'm 
quite busy :)

- we need to tell beancounter how many laminating sheets we'll need. I'd say 
24 DIN A4 ones: 8 for the cameras, and 4x4 for the "15,10,5,0 minutes" 
warning signs for each room. 

- we want morays PAL DV cam

- we will setup a 3 camera+dvswitch test setup (like in talkroom 1+2) 
tomorrow, tuesday in the upper BOF room

- we will ask the orga meeting to move the hacklack from talkroom 1 (where it 
is now) to hacklab 1 by wednesday morning, so that we can test 
audio^weverything together in talkroom 1 by wednesday.


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