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[Debconf-video] yesterdays minutes


these are the minutes as thankfully taken by Kevin, with some minor edits by 

We'll have another (short) status meeting tonite at 20 BST in the upper BOF 
room. (As we should probably have every day during debcamp.)



Video Team Minutes: 2007-06-10, 8pm

Wiki page updated so that all pages can be found via category Video Team

The plan diagram of the setup is now online at 
  8 Cameras, 3 per room for talk rooms, 1 per room for the bof rooms
  8 Tripods so cameras can be left set up
  Cameras will be on rotation, one of them will be a backup

Centralised configuration is not yet in place for the video team servers, but 
will be done with FAI like last year, info will be in the wiki.

Every video team member will have access to the video team machines, for that 
we need a GPG keyid...

Some discussion was made of the streaming:
  The storage server has 1.5TB space 
  Lisa is the internal mirror
  The Streaming master is in bytemark  
  Various international relays/mirrors are in place

The current plan does not cover audio (this needs to be fixed). The following 
extra will be sourced by kev for the audio setup:

  Large diaphragm condenser mics
  External mixers and phantom power D/I boxes

23rd Setup Issues

  The debating hall is needed by teviot on the 23rd for two hours,
  between 11.30 and 2pm. The video equipment may need taken down.

  Final talk may be very large so we need to use that space for the
  end of the conference.

Cheatsheets required for cams which will be printed. These are on
the wiki just now. Nattie suggested these should be laminated for 

Ben has set up all of the video team computers with a base etch

Scheduling of team 

  A meeting to be held to decide the rota for the next day. Probably too, one 
during the lunch break and one in the evening after the talks.

  Andrew to link his tool to penta for us to use
  Bot on irc was considered, but questioned for being overengineered

  Meeting will result in a written rota on paper, which will be 
  updated on the wiki and in the calendar, if Andrew sets it up.

  Daily meetings to be held at lunchtime at 12.15

Neil is to investigate costs for batteries and options.

SPI meeting will be held on the 15th. Live meeting should be a one-way
video stream. They will probably display the other end on IRC on a
projector. Should not be used as a test case, prior testing should be

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