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[Debconf-video] todays minutes as seen from grep


only very slighly edited...

Jun 06 21:24:33 <des>   ** Minutes: Schedule should be arranged the day before 
the events in RL meetings, and uploaded somewhere (penta, hopefully, a wiki 
Jun 06 21:37:31 <des>   ** Minutes: radiomics have been hired. kevc_ offered a 
2nd digital desk, will check with others if it would be useful or not. 
Jun 06 21:41:19 <des>   ** Minutes: Machines would be freshly installed to 
have a common base, a FAI based setup would be used
Jun 06 21:43:27 <h01ger>        ** Minutes: every penny we spent, we need to 
report to beancounters@debconf.org  (and expenses need to be pre-approved)
Jun 06 21:43:56 <des>   ** Minutes: kevc_ will mail the PA costs
Jun 06 21:45:07 <des>   ** Minutes: h01ger will send a call for streaming 
servers after the meeting
Jun 06 21:50:08 <des>   ** Minutes: For the software part we'll probably 
define everything on RL meetings at debconf, 
Jun 06 21:53:52 <des>   ** Minutes: Transcoding scripts is still on the TODO
Jun 06 22:01:07 <des>   ** Minutes: lightning would be room light, we'll see 
during debcamp if that's enough and improvise if not
Jun 06 22:09:15 <des>   ** Minutes: training sessions remains a todo regarding 
preparation, all the ToDo are at 
http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf7/videoteam/ToDo please add here if you 
notice any missing point


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