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Re: [Debconf-video] [Debconf-team] More budgets and expenses - FAO all teams


On Tuesday 05 June 2007 12:20, Neil McGovern wrote:
> As we're now getting 'rather close' to DebConf, we need to start working
> out final figures and budgets in a much more fine grained manner than we
> have done to ensure we don't overspend.
> So, can *all* teams please email beancounters@debconf.org with the
> following:
> * What exactly you need to purchase/hire
> * How much you expect to pay for each item
> I'll stress again: This includes *all* teams:
> Video Team
> Audio Team
> If you need any figures from me, catch me or Sledge on IRC or email us
> at the above address. This is for queries like "How much has been spent
> already" and "Can you get me a price on $foo", NOT "how much are we
> allowed to spend". The latter is what we're trying to work out, hence
> the need for the figures requested.

The video team will spent the allocated 250 GBP from the video budget for 
three harddrives. 

We will also need to buy 50 dv-tapes or so. I believe the remaining 200 GBP 
from the video budget are for the tapes (and some buffer).

What else do we know what we'll definitly need to spent?

We'll discuss in tomorrows team meeting and come back with more numbers.


Maukkin, Also I already spent 17.50 euro on a taxi, to transport the 
accesspoints in Berlin and will need approx/minimal 60 euros more for 
shipping them to Edinburgh and back.

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