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Re: [Debconf-video] Re: Debconf video query

Amaya wrote:
> Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > I had considered that some people might like to provide English
> > subtitles for the sessions in Spanish (and likewise some might like to
> > provide Spanish subtitles for the English ones, though that's a much
> > larger task).  No-one on the video team is competent to do the
> > translation but we might be able to coordinate it.  If it can be done
> > fairly quickly then the subtitles could also be included in DVDs.
> My English sucks, but count me in.
> This is a great idea. I'd be willing to do this.

Your English seems fine, though there is a general rule that translators
should only translate into their first language.

First we need to get the Spanish sessions up on meetings-archive


Ben Hutchings
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