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[Debconf-video] Re: Debconf video query

You wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> just saw the posting on the status of the Debconf video. IIRC there are
> some in a language other than English. I was interested in these and
> wanted to know if the team was considering either: creating an English
> secondary audio track or English subtitles.

I had considered that some people might like to provide English
subtitles for the sessions in Spanish (and likewise some might like to
provide Spanish subtitles for the English ones, though that's a much
larger task).  No-one on the video team is competent to do the
translation but we might be able to coordinate it.  If it can be done
fairly quickly then the subtitles could also be included in DVDs.


Ben Hutchings
For every complex problem
there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.

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