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DVDs almost ready...?

I've released version 0.7 of the build scripts, again at
<http://womble.decadentplace.org.uk/software/>.  Here's what I put in
the changelog this time:

  * Added retrospective ChangeLog for earlier versions
  * Increased output bit-rates to improve compatibility and quality
  * Changed recoding to use two passes (with one-pass recoding as an option)
  * Reorganised videos and menus to produce 3 single-layer or 1 dual-layer
    plus 1 single-layer disc
  * Improved menu readability by disabling text antialiasing and palette
    reduction hack in make-menu-vob
  * Adjusted audio volume for many recordings so they are roughly consistent
  * Changed output size of widescreen videos to be full-frame, as this
    appears to be normal and correct
  * Added fix for dvdauthor bug that could previously break dual-layer
    disc builds
  * Improved documentation

Here's the to-do list, with some further notes:

Add proper button to Group photo because there needs to be a target to
click on when it's shown in a software DVD player.  [I would also like
to add the option to zoom in to 2 or 3 times the initial resolution and
see a key to who's who.  But that takes second place to the videos.]

Change menu highlighting to improve contrast.  [I had the idea of adding
a solid background, but I still don't know what would be good colours.]

Integrate the remaining session videos when they are available.  [What
are we waiting for here?]

Improve audio quality
- Filter out constant background noise from some of the talks.  [Any
suggestions on how to do this?]
- Compress audio volume?  [Some Q&A sections have highly variable
volume; so I think compressing the volume would be at least worth
trying. However I don't know what software could do this.]

Recut some videos that start too early or end too late  [I started
noting down timings for this but haven't got round to putting them in
the Makefile.]

Change title font to match Debconf logo better.  (It uses ITC Officina
sans and serif fonts, which are non-free.)  [This is not too important.]


Ben Hutchings
If at first you don't succeed, you're doing about average.

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