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Re: Organizing the video team


On Friday 20 May 2005 10:36, Herman Robak wrote:
> > > The timecode is reset when I switch tape, too.  So my long continuous
> > > harddisk recording has two 5-second periods of silence, and
> > > non-contiguous timecode.  Ick!

Then _I_ would rather propose not to use tapes at all! Because Murphys law 

> > See my separate post about audio -- if we do audio recording separately,
> > we may be able to live with this sort of thing. There will be plenty of
> > visual cues to sync the sound in post-processing,
>  This assumes a fair amount post-processing, of course.  I have said
> that I am willing to do some post work.  One person is too little;
> anybody else?

I don't think post-processing after debconf5 will work very well either (if 5 
people now stand up and declare they'll do it, I will change my mind.)

I'd rather aim at solutions where we can publish the talks with minimal 
post-processing, i.e. almost live. 

talk ---> camera-laptop with ffmpeg or cat & nc or....

->	100 mbit LAN	-> editing-machine (4 cpu? 2 displays ? do we have such a 
beast ?)  with cinelerra or kino or...

-> LAN	-> stream-server with ffmpeg or flumotion or...  (and http/bittorent)

This assumes we can stream audio and video live from the laptops... and that 
we have the slides available _before_ the talk so we can prepare them on the 
editing machine.

Maybe the term "stream-server" is misleading here - I'm not really sure if we 
should provide/announce live-streams at all. I mean, if we do post-processing 
anyway, we have to timeshift anyway so we could just provide files via 

As we have the diskspace available we can save the high quality recordings for 
_optitional_ high-quality-post-processing. But I would neither rely nor 
announce it. If somebody does it, great, if not, so what.

my 2 cents...

On a personal note: I've been more quiet here lately than I wished I were. 
I've got a pretty high workload at the moment, which I priorized  yesterday 
in a way so I believe I will be able to work on debconf5  stuff in the next 5 
weeks  as needed. 

Making FAI easy to begin with and usable for our needs was/is one thing 
causing my workload. I expect a working beta-setup which you can use for 
testing to be ready in 9 days aka next weekend. For a start, what software is 
needed on the recording laptops  (which are sponsored and have firewire in 
case someone is wondering...) ? what software is needed for editing ? 

Also next weekend all the infos in the wiki should be ordered (*) and in the 
first week of june we should have a "final" plan on which we all agree. The 
next big irc meeting will be on monday, the 6th of june - I would propose a 
video meeting right before that, 2 hours earlier or a day earlier.


(*) I volunteered to do this -  but I would absolutly appricate help ;-) But 
you can point on me :-) (And I will react....)

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