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wafer-debconf on Pipedream

Since you maintain wafer-debconf and Python is one of our primary runtimes, I’m interested in your feedback.

I'm Tod Sacerdoti and the founder of Pipedream, a serverless compute platform with >1000 open source app integrations. Think AWS Lambda + Zapier, purpose-built (and free) for developers.

With Pipedream, you can import any package in a Python code step and build serverless workflows – no need to update a requirements.txt or specify packages. It's a fast way to run Python code triggered by an HTTP request, a timer, or an event from a cloud service.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and give you a free Pro account with higher limits if interested. If not, I understand and won't email again.


p.s. You are not on any list and I won't email you again, but you can still click unsubscribe.
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