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Re: DebConf23 budget proposal


On December 1, 2022 1:38:47 PM GMT+05:30, Jonathan Carter <jcc@debian.org> wrote:
>Hi Abhijith and all
>(Including TOs for approval reference)
>On 2022/11/28 07:55, Abhijith PA wrote:
>> Please find the budget for Debconf23.


>This looks like a complete DebConf budget, I'm going ahead and approving it, on the following conditions:
>1. Please appoint a treasurer for the DebConf
>Last time it was Stefano Rivera, who was great, if he's willing again, that would be perfect. Otherwise it has to be a DD who has some DebConf experience and who's at least willing to learn how to use ledger (which isn't hard).

Will do.

>2. Adjust the budget as new information becomes available
>Please send at least one updated budget a few weeks before DebConf starts so that it can be finalized before DebConf starts. If there are any material changes to the budget during DebConf, then please update that ASAP and post and update shortly after DebConf so that it doesn't negatively affect any payments that need to be made.
>Also, don't feel compelled to limit DebConf spending to the income for the DebConf. If more funds are needed for e.g.  events or bursaries, then please include that in a future request to the DPL.


Thank you for the approval.

-- abhijith

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