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Re: DebConf22 bursary budget extension request

Hi Jonathan (2022.05.18_18:29:27_+0000)
> Ok, I'm going to put some trust in what you consider very deserving. If
> there's no objections from the DebConf Committee or treasurer team within
> 24h, then consider this an approval for the additional €16k for bursaries.

I had a quick look at the state of the bursaries. I don't have all of
the data I'd need to model exactly what the effect would be. But from
what I can see, there are still people I'd consider strong candidates to
receive a bursary, who haven't received a bursary, yet.

So, +1 on extending the budget.

Since your last budget approval, I've updated it with sponsorship
raised, and added income from accommodation sold to paying attendees:


The proposed new budget:

       EUR 26,158.34  assets:debian-france
      EUR 195,752.66  expenses
       EUR 25,710.00    accommodation
        EUR 2,720.00      bedding
        EUR 5,390.00      debcamp
       EUR 17,600.00      debconf
        EUR 4,000.00    day trip
        EUR 2,000.00      bus
        EUR 2,000.00      tour guide
          EUR 992.66    fees
       EUR 53,500.00    food
          EUR 700.00      beer
        EUR 9,800.00      debcamp
       EUR 42,000.00      debconf
        EUR 1,000.00      refreshments
        EUR 1,000.00    graphic materials
        EUR 1,000.00    incidentals
        EUR 1,200.00    local team
       EUR 10,700.00    party
          EUR 500.00      cheese and wine
        EUR 8,200.00      conference dinner
          EUR 800.00        bus
        EUR 6,600.00        food
          EUR 800.00        music
        EUR 2,000.00      social event
          EUR 500.00        drinks
        EUR 1,500.00        food
        EUR 8,000.00    swag
       EUR 67,450.00    travel
       EUR 47,500.00      bursary
       EUR 14,000.00        diversity
       EUR 33,500.00        general
        EUR 3,000.00      invited-speakers
       EUR 16,950.00      team
        EUR 7,500.00        dc23
        EUR 2,700.00        debconf-ctte
        EUR 1,750.00        registration
        EUR 5,000.00        video
       EUR 18,500.00    venue
       EUR 12,000.00      av equipment
          EUR 200.00      covid tests
          EUR 100.00      hygiene
        EUR 3,000.00      internet
        EUR 3,200.00      tents
        EUR 3,700.00    video
        EUR 1,200.00      computers
        EUR 2,500.00      shipping
     EUR -221,911.00  income
       EUR -8,100.00    accommodation
       EUR -1,104.00    hacklab-bar
      EUR -17,690.00    meals
       EUR -8,500.00    registration
     EUR -186,517.00    sponsors
       EUR -2,800.00      bronze
      EUR -20,000.00      gold
      EUR -80,000.00      platinum
      EUR -81,300.00      silver
       EUR -2,417.00      supporter

That's projecting a €26k profit.

In that is a projection that we can raise another €30k of sponsorship.
I'd say that's ambitious but not unreasonable.

Signup seems a little slower than we projected, so we're probably
over-projecting accommodation and food expenses.

That would also mean we're over-projecting income from registration
fees, accommodation, and food. But those paid attendees often sign up
after the bursary deadline, so it's too soon to call that one.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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