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Re: DebConf 22: Registration Reminder

Not attending myself this year as GUADEC is during the same dates this year

On 4/22/22, Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I recieved these from the Debconf software. Could you please make sure
> my kids Annie and Louis stay in the system?
> Cheers,
> Thomas Goirand (zigo)
> On 4/21/22 19:32, registration@debconf.org wrote:
>> Hi Louis Goirand,
>> You have multiple user-accounts on https://debconf22.debconf.org with the
>> same email address.
>> This email concerns the account with username "louisgoirand".
>> Your other usernames are:
>> - zigo: Registered
>> - caowei: Registered
>> - anniegoirand: Incomplete Registration
>> If you have created multiple accounts by accident, please let us know and
>> we can
>> delete the extra accounts.
>> We see that you started a registration on https://debconf22.debconf.org
>> but have not yet completed it.
>> If you intend to attend, please go to:
>> <https://debconf22.debconf.org/register/>
>> and fill out every page of the form.
>> Once you are successfully registered, you'll receive a confirmation
>> e-mail, and
>> see a big green "Registered" label on your profile.
>> If you no longer plan to attend DebConf 22, go to:
>> <https://debconf22.debconf.org/register/unregister/>
>> and click the "Unregister" button.
>> Bursary applications close on 2022-05-01 AoE.
>> If you are applying for a bursary, you need to complete your registration
>> before this date.
>> AoE means Anywhere on Earth: You don't have to think about timezones,
>> just
>> apply before this date, wherever you are in the world.
>> We recommend that you register as soon as possible.
>> If you need to amend your registration later, you can.
>> Hope to see you in Prizren,
>> The DebConf 22 team

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