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Re: DebConf 22: Registration Reminder


I recieved these from the Debconf software. Could you please make sure my kids Annie and Louis stay in the system?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

On 4/21/22 19:32, registration@debconf.org wrote:
Hi Louis Goirand,

You have multiple user-accounts on https://debconf22.debconf.org with the same email address.
This email concerns the account with username "louisgoirand".
Your other usernames are:
- zigo: Registered
- caowei: Registered
- anniegoirand: Incomplete Registration
If you have created multiple accounts by accident, please let us know and we can
delete the extra accounts.

We see that you started a registration on https://debconf22.debconf.org
but have not yet completed it.

If you intend to attend, please go to:
and fill out every page of the form.

Once you are successfully registered, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail, and
see a big green "Registered" label on your profile.

If you no longer plan to attend DebConf 22, go to:
and click the "Unregister" button.

Bursary applications close on 2022-05-01 AoE.
If you are applying for a bursary, you need to complete your registration
before this date.
AoE means Anywhere on Earth: You don't have to think about timezones, just
apply before this date, wherever you are in the world.

We recommend that you register as soon as possible.
If you need to amend your registration later, you can.

Hope to see you in Prizren,

The DebConf 22 team

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