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Re: dc21 group photo

Hi Judit,

Am 02.09.21 um 03:36 schrieb Judit Foglszinger:
The group photo is ready.
ended up doing it with gimp (and convert), so a fully automated dc group photo is still outstanding
also have bigger and lossless versions, but not sure where to put those ;)
The xcf is >900MB, the full PNG is >200 MB
Thanks to Andreas for the almost complete dc shirts,
juliank for the photo with cow and tux and nattie for bob durian and maple.
Obviously, if you didn't submit your photo yet, now it's too late.

Very well done, thank you very much! The composition looks awesome and the personal touches are very nice.

May be upload a full jpg to people.d.o as well.
I think you can keep the original files to yourself. If somebody wants them, they can ping the artist.

Kind regards,

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