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Dormitory pricing

Hi all,

Tamir and me talked with the Haifa University dormitories. The prices are:

* Talia (single rooms): 25$ per night per person
* Federman (2 beds rooms): 20$ per night person
* 2 person apartments: 21$ per night (per person). Not many, if
at all, of those rooms are likely to be available.

Thus we have a price of roughly 20$-25$ per night.

However, there are some extra expenses:

* Bed sheets (including towels): 17,000₪ for 100 people (170₪ == 50$ per
 person). That's their price and we are likely to buy or rent elsewhere.
It is also probably reasonable to ask people to bring their own towels

* Cleaning: 20,000₪ for 100 rooms (200₪ == 57$ per room, so probably
roughly 50$ per person as well). We are currently in negotiations with
the university about this item.

-- Tzafrir

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