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Re: Diversity and Welcoming newcommers: T-Shirts? :)


 I'm once again astonished by the speed of your response - thanks a
ton, Valessio! <3

Am Freitag, den 28.06.2019, 10:38 -0300 schrieb Valessio Brito:
> Hi all,
> I have created two proposals, if possible we will comment on the
> Issue:
> https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc19/issues/151
> Both shirts can be produced, the second proposal we will produce some
> (using personal financing and a possible supporter) to invite people
> to wear the shirt during Group Photo.
> This is a legitimate and peaceful protest over all the risks that are
> occurring with black lives, trans, lesbian and woman.

 I would personally definitely voucher for the second one, even if it
would be only a separate print.  I had the pleasure to meet Monica
Benicio (the widow of Marielle) at EuroPride here in Vienna and know
about the story of Marielle.  It for sure is a strong message to send
out, especially when it comes to diversity, but also because of the
current political situation in Brazil.  It's quite dishearting that
after 15 months there still is no clue about who killed her ...  So I
definitely would want one with the second proposal for myself, if not
two. :D

 In general the first one makes a lot of sense too - because it it
sticks within Debian boundaries.  Given that the diversity swirl on the
Debian website stirred some disturbance already on debian-project
(which is expected, frankly speaking), having the shirt more stick
within Debian's boundaries might resonate better.  The second one - as
much as I love it and definitely want to have some for myself - speaks
about something that happened detatched to Debian.  Even though I'm
absolute in support and love Monica for her activism, it's not Debian's

 So as a print organized with people's own money: Pretty please do it,
I'm all for it and definitely want it myself too! <3

 But when it might be considered to get the shirts printed on debconf
budget, we might have too much to explain with the second proposal. 
Maybe I'm over cautious here - I definitely would want at least two of
the first shirt regardless.  (I think this might become my first
debconf where I don't intentionally wear a different shirt every day
then. :))

 If noone beats me to it I'll put up a page with shirt sizes where
people can put their names in and sizes later today or tomorrow on the
wiki.  I'd be greatful if someone else has the minutes within the next
few hours though, I'm going offline again right now.

 Thanks for those proposals!

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