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Diversity and Welcoming newcommers: T-Shirts? :)


 it was suggested at some point that it would be swift if the people
from the diversity and welcoming team could have shirts with the
diversity swirl on it, to make it clearly visible.

 I'm unsure if that idea was transported outside of IRC though, and if
the timeframe still permits for getting such shirts produced - but it
would be really rad to have them.  If time is too short for that feel
free to let me know and I'll print myself one.

 On the other hand, if it's still possible to make that happen in time I
think putting up a quick wiki page where people can sign up and add
their names and sizes with estimate of cost (unless this might still fit
in some budget, I don't expect too many shirts wanted/needed) would be
helpful to get this started.

 This is the link to the svg of the swirl, maybe Valessio has a quick
idea how to put this into a useful shirt design. :)


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