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Re: On the DebConf20 decision process


On 3/20/19 8:37 PM, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Personally, I have a strong preference to have all discussions in
> public, where possible. But, this was something we thought would be
> difficult to do well in public. There is obviously a delicate political
> side to this decision. We wanted to be able to speak our minds to each
> other, and make a decision as a team, without having to be to carefully
> mind every word to avoid causing offence. I hope you can understand
> that.

Thanks for make this clear.
Everything is better when there is a clear communication about what is

> * There hasn't been a DebConf in Europe (where the majority of regular
>   attendees live) for a number of years now - by the old norms we are
>   long overdue for one.

If there is a demanding for have a DebConf in Europe in 2021, there are
a lot of support to that, and DebConf committee believes this is better,
I think it's fair that DebConf committee ask to any countries outside
Europe make Bids to DebConf21.

I am sure if this is a good to everyone, we will support. To me, the
worst cenario is leave countries outside Europe make their Bids and in
the end, the decision goes to Europe anyway.

So, in my opinion, DebConf committee should talk with Indian team to
wait 2022.

Best regards,

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)
Curitiba - Brasil
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