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Re: Q to DC20 bids: meals


Sorry for the late response. I just took Lucas' hint and subscribed to
the list.

On Tue, 19 Feb 2019 09:37:56 +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

> One point where budgets from both bids differ significantly is meals.
> In Lisbon, the budget says 12.5€ (per person per day).
> In Haifa, the budget says 120 ILS = 28.8 € (per person per day).
> Is that, in both cases, for breakfast + lunch + dinner?

Yes (for Haifa).

> Or, in Lisbon, is the breakfast included in the hotel price?
> How sure is that estimate? (even by university standards, 12.5€/day
> sounds a bit low)

As mentioned in the updated version (from 17-Feb) of the budget
spreadsheet: this is an approximate estimate. It is based on Tamir's
experince with somewhat similar conferences in the same venue. Generally
we hope we can get better prices for meals, but maybe some special
requirements and such will tip the balance upwards.

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