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Re: [DebConf18] Handing reimbursements from MEET TAIWAN

Hey Yao

On 2018/10/01 11:42, Yao Wei wrote:
> I have received all reimbursements from MEET TAIWAN, in which TWD
> 139,166 is going to be funded back to Debian.
> However, we are having several receipts that needs to be reimbursed,
> planned through SPI, including carpet cleaning fee for coffee spills
> (TWD 5,000), and day trip expenses which exceeds the MEET TAIWAN budget
> (TWD 36,115).  So I have the following questions:
>   * Should we file reimbursement request through SPI?  Or can we balance
> them internally?
>   * How should we deal with the surplus (TWD 98,051) we have?  Should
> these be transferred to SPI, or OCF.tw?

Just tying some loose ends in e-mail, did you get the above sorted out?

BTW thanks for your work with MEET TAIWAN, glad it all worked out in the


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