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DebConf19: communication tools in use


This message was supposed to be a proposal, but since it got delayed due
to my procrastination, and the ball started rolling, it is now more of a
description of how things are working in terms of tools we are using for
the DebConf19 organization.

Day to day activities are organized in salsa, via issues in the `data`
repository. The idea is to track all activities through this, so we know
who is doing what, what needs to be done, and what is already done.

The exception is the website, where we use issues and merge requests in
the corresponsing repository:

We also have the DebConf wiki, where we should put information that is
targetted at the DC organization:

For all information that is targetted at attendees, we are trying to add
those to the website.

For meetings, we are using:

- the wiki for long-term storage
- a pad on storm.debian.net for the agenda of the next/current meeting:

As soon as a meeting ends, the pad is cleared for the next meeting and
records are kept on the wiki.

That is all I remember at the moment.

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