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Re: DebConf18: delegating closing tasks (viceoteam, local.tw members)


Missatge de Chun-Ying Huang <chuang@cs.nctu.edu.tw> del dia dv., 9 de
nov. 2018 a les 2:46:

> Sorry for my late reply. We tried to look for the boxes. It is unfortunately that room ES724 was remodeled for other purposes after DebConf, and everything in that room was cleaned up by the remodeling vendor. We asked the vendor to track the boxes, and recently we get one back (the smaller one for New York). If the delivery cost is not too expensive, I can send it via post office. BTW, what do you have inside the box, and what's the estimated value/prices for things in the box? I will need these information to fill the delivery forms.

Inside the boxes there are conference T-shirts and some conference
coffee and tea leftovers. If you can send it that would be great and
we should be fine to cover the costs involved if needed. I am unsure
what the prices are but as an estimation it could be around 1500 NTD.

The missing box for switzerland had over 30 T-shirts sponsor asked for
as well as some bags/coffee/tea, etc... in case it appears at some

Best regards

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