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Re: Budget to Bursaries and Invited Speakers

Daniel Lange dijo [Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 07:38:19AM +0200]:
> > I was looking the budget from DC18 and there are:
> > 
> > Content:Travel Costs for Invited Speakers =  USD 5,000.00
> > Bursaries:Bursaries = USD 70,000.00
> > Bursaries:Diversity = USD 10,000.00
> > 
> > Should we work with these same values to DC19 now? Or should we wait?

I will add a data point to this: For DC17 (and partly thanks to the
generosity of one of our sponsors, that happened to be the employer of
one of our invited speakers), we only used half of the invited
speakers budget.

For DC18, we didn't use at all the invited speakers budget.

I am not certain whether I will have the time to continue being the
Content Team lead (am still willing to, but I'll have to decide closer
to the beginning of 2019). But my opinion, which seems to be shared by
the team, is that it is not _required_. Sometimes it's important to
have specific people invited to tackle from an outsiders' perspective
specific issues we face, and I guess we *might* invite _somebody_, but
I cannot justify earmarking US$5000 for this.

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