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Re: Budget to Bursaries and Invited Speakers

Hi Paulo,

Am 02.10.18 um 03:30 schrieb Paulo Henrique Santana:
> I was looking the budget from DC18 and there are:
> Content:Travel Costs for Invited Speakers =  USD 5,000.00
> Bursaries:Bursaries = USD 70,000.00
> Bursaries:Diversity = USD 10,000.00
> Should we work with these same values to DC19 now? Or should we wait?

You should estimate how much sponsor income you think you can generate
and strive for a balanced budget.

The bursary budget is the one major budget item you can use to level out.

So: Create a budget with all significant cost (without bursaries) and
income. Total all your estimated costs, total your estimated income.
The difference between these is the budget available for bursaries.

50-70k USD is a good range for that. The Outreach/Diversity budget is
budgeted separately and 7-10k USD is a good size.

Start the fundraising as soon as possible.

If we see in (say) April that you will not make enough income, you can
always ask the DPL to cover some bursaries from past DebConf funds. But
you will also have to be prepared for us looking into your cost
structure hard again* and reducing that. E.g. the conference dinner has
traditionally gotten some pressure in such situations as we tend to
prefer to fly more people to even more fancy venues and food.

* the first review will be when you present a complete budget and before
DPL approval

Kind regards,

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