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Debconf19 updates - September 2018


This is an update of the Debconf19 activities during September 2018. Here I
provide a very brief summary. Each activity is tracked as an issue on salsa.
You can follow the links for details, and can subscribe to individual issues if
you want to receive update as they happen.


* #31 Visa

  started initial conversations with the authorities

* #28 Prepare local entity to handle DC19 money locally and other needs for a
  formal entity

  almost finished, only creation of bank accounts missing

* #14 Nacional Inn Hotel contract

  English translation of the main points in the contract posted to the
  debconf-team mailing list; we would like to sign the contract by Oct 15th.

* #30 Create and approve DC19 budget

  Just started.


* #27 Create and translate the Sponsorship brochure and flyer

  Both English and Portuguese versions are already available at the
  `debconf-team/public/data/dc19` repository, under fundraising/

* #20 Collect info from Nacional Inn

  We have a good understanding of the hotel facilities and know what we want to
  use there. Those are already covered in the contract.

Activities planned for next month

* all of the items in "Ongoing" above, plus:

* #18 UTFPR contract

  We will start working on this next week.

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