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Re: [DebConf18] Privacy and govermental funds

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 12:30:39AM +0800, Yao Wei wrote:
> However, we do care about the privacy of attendees, and would like to
> take opt-in approach.  During the global team meeting this week we
> discussed to ask attendees on the website if they are willing to give
> such information to the government and the university for us to gather
> more funds to cover the expense.

The insurance for day trip [insurance] also require the following
privacy information:

* Taiwanese: name, personal id, date of birth
* Foreigner: passport name, passport number, date of birth.

But this one is easy, we can just write a statement about insurance and
people can opt-in to provide these information for day trip insurance.

[insurance] https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc18/blob/master/insurance/insurance.md

ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) czchen@{czchen,debconf,debian}.org
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