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Re: committed sponsorships, payments and balancing books of debconf events

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On 16/04/2018, Hector Oron <zumbi@debian.org> wrote:
> [Adjust mailing list to debconf-team]
> Hello,

Dear Hector/Zumbi,

Thank you for sharing your observations.


>> Well, invoices are generated depending on trusted organization invoice
>> format. Usually SPI is used for most of the cases (USD), however other
>> TO such Debian France (EUR) are used. Then the local organization,
>> this year would be OCF.tw (NTD), we also have Debian CH (CHF)


>>> 3. From the sponsorship money, the debconf-team gets an informal
>>> budget from which all expenses, i.e. travel, accommodation
>>> sponsorships (probably a big slice of the budget), catering, venue and
>>> catering for last dinner night are added in. The idea is usually to
>>> have a surplus so that some money is kept for a rainy day. If there is
>>> a short in the budget, the DPL is requested to either make the short
>>> good from debian's budget although at times a late surge in
>>> sponsorship may reduce or cancel that as well. There is also a
>>> possibility to reduce the travel and accommodation bursaries as well.
>> Usually DPL needs to approve a budget for DebConf, then fundraising
>> attempts to do all posible to reach the goal, if that's not possible,
>> DPL needs to be requested for extra surplus.

I may be wrong, but it seemed at least from the last debconfs which
I had been lurking (debconf 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018)

it seems some funds are raised before and somewhere in the middle
the budget is presented to the chair/DPL probably as there are concrete
numbers, similar to somewhat how companies report their quarterly earnings
so they know what they have and what realistically they can achieve in
the time-frame
left (i.e. next quarter) , the sectoral and the market conditions etc.

I am using an analogy here as I see the fundraisers being in a somewhat similar

>>> 4. After debconf finishes, reports are shared with the sponsors about
>>> both the travel kit as well as how their names were there on the
>>> various banners, t-shirts etc. depending upon the sponsorship tier
>>> they were in.
>> Well, yeah, a final report is created and shared with sponsors.

have seen those.

>>> 5. Sponsors are pinged to get the invoices good.
>>> 6. After money is received, money is paid to those who were promised
>>> travel sponsorships  within the budget prescribed and who had
>>> submitted the documents asked.
>> Debian funds might be taken, so note, there is no dependencies on
>> sponsors paying their bits, but it is preferable, some income has been
>> made before hand.

I don't doubt that at all, but if some income is there beforehand, I believe
the stress-levels of everybody concerned, the fundraisers as well as the
people making choices who should be funded or not for travel, those
would be at a more manageable level.

>>> 7.  Depending upon when the above is all done, all receipts are done,
>>> payments done and auditors auditing the account the debconf final
>>> report is presented as matter of public archives.
>> Well, yeah, in an ideal world that'd probably be true.

I do understand that real life is messier than ideal but till we don't spell
out idealistic part, we would not strive as much.

>>> Am I correct in assuming the above flow . I know there are lot more
>>> details and about a dozen or more mini sub-steps in what I have
>>> shared.
>> For a start is not too bad, it'd need some polishing and review by
>> DebConf chair, also I am not sure if policies are strictly set on that
>> regard.

I am not going anywhere. Let the chair/DPL or any member of the debconf-team
chime in  and that could be added to the wiki as and when I/we know better.

>>> If the above simplified explanation is true, where should I put up the
>>> same, on what wiki page so that's its found with a preferably a link
>>> to the discussion topic for future debconf planners.
>>> Look forward to know more.
>> This is great information, it would be great to standardize on general
>> workflows in the wiki. Thanks very much for such interest.
>> Regarding the place, how about creating a
>> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf/DebConf page and start adding
>> content there and start moving to subpages stuff that grows?

So just to be clear at least for now it could be at -

 https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf/DebConf and sub-pages at





and lastly


I could just have the initial page with the blurb of what Debconf is all about
and then link to the 5 sub-pages suggesting them as stages 1-5

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't shared or given any time-period
as it has seemed that some local teams are more active than others.

One another big item which I have not touched upon is the initial proposal,
for instance the Brazil bid which won the bid to hold debconf for next
year AFAIK. Congrats brazil team :) . I still have questions/queries
about people making the initial proposal hence didn't talk about that.

I also haven't talked about ledger and accounting as well as there is
possibility of mistakes therein. It probably might be a good idea
perhaps to have a small tutorial explicitly for debconfs so people
don't take much time to learn ledger . A good side-efffect might be
that people may use ledger for other small events to popularizing
ledger a bit. just an idea.

If the above structure of hyperlinks looks good to go ahead, I could
start as early as the evening if I go ahead. As it's mediawiki
changing or moving pages around is not that hard but it will be better
if people in the know say yes. The idea is to help the debconf-team
and all future fundraisers and debconf-organizers.

>> There are also plans to move wiki at some point to some where I do not
>> know, so maybe we end up having to redo some pages, maybe it is more
>> suitable to have a official immutable documents for such things, for
>> that I would suggest to write it in markdown syntax, then use
>> conversion tool of preference to generate a website.

That part I would leave to your more capable hands. While I know and have used
retext to make both markdown and restructured text, converting them to websites
and where it would go is not my cup of tea.

I could attach the modified markdown text at the end of each wiki page
if that helps.

Hoping can have an answer soonish so can start hacking/cracking
probably this evening onwards.

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  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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