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Re: DC18 Budget Approval Request

On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 08:42:18AM +0100, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Yao,
> > * Increase the estimation of attendees from 400 to 600
> Can you briefly outline you reasoning for this change, including
> where the initial 400 was derived from?

The 600 was our initial estimation during the bidding process, and 400
was the more preservative estimation I made (with another person from
the IRC, but I forgot the name).

The reason restoring to 600 people was that we are trying to find people
interested in contributing to Debian, especially students with more time
during summer vacation.

The discussion was made in the last IRC meeting on Thursday:


> > > Please do let me know what you need from me at this point.
> (This still stands.)

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