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target group for and purpose of debconf (was: Media partner for debconf)

On Thu, 12 Apr 2018 19:12:49 +0530, shirish शिरीष wrote:

Random thoughts in connection with this mail ...

> For Debian it would be more audience .  For quite long people have this
> fear of Debian being only for geeks,


> Now quoting abhishek directly -
> As the media partner, we will write at least two articles. One
> announcing the event so that more people are aware of the event and
> the event can get more registration and exposure.
> /quote

... and discussions in #debconf-team, recurring and in particular

17:30 <A> We have 600 beds in dorm, and I am not sure how many we
          will use.
17:31 <A> We can still find local attendees to fill our rooms.
17:32 <A> It is in summer vacation, we can try to fill with students
          who is interested in open source.
17:36 <B> I think we need to fill with local people. 
17:37 <C> do we want 600 people at debconf?
17:37 <A> then I think we shall delay the decision, any try to find
          more local people first.
17:37 <D> why? are we paying more if less people are in the rooms?
17:38 <A> C: Probability not 600, but I do want more local people to
          join so that we can enlarge local open source communities.

"More registration", "fill with students/interested local people"
etc. sounds like "we want to increase the number of participants at

These kinds of statements are not new, I remember reading variants
since a couple of years. And I also feel that the underlying
questions are not adequately addressed, which are in my opinion:
- What is the target group of DebConf?
- And more fundamentally: What is the purpose of DebConf?

From what I've personally learned historically, my assumption was that
DebConf is for Debian contributors, i.e. people who are in some, at
least minimal, ways connected to Debian and are (at least: on their way
to) contributing something to Debian. And that the overall objective
of DebConf is to foster Debian development by connecting

Maybe these assumptions were always wrong; or maybe things have
changed and they are wrong now … In the end, I think DebConf would
benefit from discussing these basic issues at some point.


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