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Re: DebConf18 meeting minutes @FOSDEM2018


On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 01:01:06AM +0100, Hector Oron wrote:
> 0. Video team support (global: paddatrapper, stefano; local: Mwei)
>   - paddatrapper is going to do checklist of items video team needs
>     to be passed to local team member to work on it.
>   - budget in shipping video hardware to Taiwan.
>   - take presentation room pictures
>     - we need to know where is electrical power plugs (take a pic)
>     - we need to know audio/video (A/V) room setup (take a pic)
>   - 10TB storage for videos (10 Gbps link)
>   - Server for encoding (>= 24 cores, VM ok)

For clarity: this may be multiple servers or VMs too, the encoding
software is capable of running on multiple nodes. Having said that,
virtualisation slows the transcoding down somewhat (especially the I/O
heavy bits of it), so it may be preferable to have bare material options
if they are available.

(we're using the same encoding software for FOSDEM, where it runs on 2
"storage" plus one "master" plus five "encoder slave" nodes all from the
same IaaS provider)

Could you people please use IRC like normal people?!?

  -- Amaya Rodrigo Sastre, trying to quiet down the buzz in the DebConf 2008

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