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Re: Plan around activities in case typhoon happens

Yes, be very sure in your discussions with the university that of what I
might call

Type I conferences: ones that can be rescheduled to e.g., the next week
in case of typhoons.

Type II conferences: ones that have a lot of international participants
with airline tickets that have been purchased a year in advance with no
flexibility in their worldwide schedules.

95% of conferences here in Taiwan are type I and that is what facilities
staff will assume unless you make it clear to them.

Also inquire about which building sections will still be available
during a power failure, and back-up power supplies so audio-visual
presentations can still continue.

As far as transportation during any official Typhoon Declaration periods
goes, on the event website of course even all taxi spots (airport, train
station, etc.) would be listed along with other options. However make no
official endorsement "that the conference staff said to still use them
during a typhoon" (and thus are liable if accident occurs.)

In all cases it is the participant's responsibility to get him/her self
to/from the conference center, and the Committee take no responsibility
for what happens outside the complex building.

Any chauffeur/limousine services should be listed on the conference
website but all contracts should be between the participant and the
limousine service and not the Committee and the limousine service: i.e.,
we did not officially tell the participant to take any transportation
service during the official National Typhoon Declaration Period and that
a tree fell on the vehicle and injured... is not our responsibility!

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