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Re: eVisa for DebConf18

Singing Li dijo [Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 05:38:28AM +0000]:
> Hi, czchen
> Most attendees can apply for the *Visa exemption program [1] (免簽). *The
> attendees from the designated Countries and China can apply for the *Visitor
> Visas(停留簽證, 大陸來台自由行)* [2]
> The eVisa program is for special cases. If attendees are from the following
> countries, they would need our help to apply an eCode for them to apply
> Taiwan e-Visa. According to my experiences, it is not easy to get eCode
> from our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

So, for those of us that are in said case, should we attempt to
arrange for regular visitor visas, or will you attempt to get an

FWIW, in my case, I'm Mexican; I searched for nationalities of people
often attending DebConf from Latin America, and found most not
mentioned - Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela; Chile, El
Salvador and Guatemala can be visa-exempt. We won't be *that* many,
I'd say in the 10-20 total attendees figure... But I particularly
expect more Brazilians than usual to attend!

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