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Re: [Debconf-team] [rt.debian.org #6836] Migrating DebConf's KanBoard instance to DSA machines


Following up on this. What is the next step in having the dc17 KanBoard
instance migrated to DSA hardware?

Do you still have questions I should answer?

On 2017-09-03 00:23, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
> 0/,
> Thanks for the clarifications. I don't know if it's a reasonable
> request, but I'd like to keep dc-team in CC as I'm in new territory here
> and would like some mentoring/advices.
>> 1) who would be the service owners?
> I guess I can be. As far as I understand, this involves:
> * managing user accounts and permissions on the instance
> * updating KanBoard when new updates come out
> I would like it if someone else can share the load/mentor me, but then
> again, I'm not sure I understand completely what being a "service owner"
> entitles.
>> 2) what resources are needed?  (web server, database, disk space, ram,
>> cpu, ...)
> I'm not running KanBoard myself at the moment but I plan to do that at
> my job soonish. I guess something like this would work fine, with the
> assumption that the DB runs on a separate machine:
> *Web server*: KanBoard is a "simple" PHP web app. I'm used to Apache, so
> that would be ideal. I'm not sure if as "service owner" I'll be playing
> with VHosts or if that is all managed through Puppet by DSA.
> *Database*: AFAIK you like PostgreSQL and have a dedicated database
> somewhere. KanBoard can either use SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL and I
> don't mind.
> *Disk space*: Downloading the latest KanBoard release and unzipping it,
> I get 24Mb? I don't know what is your normal guideline, but I'd be fine
> with a total disk space of 20G if the database is hosted on a dedicated
> machine.
> People _can_ upload files to the instance, but I don't think this is a
> very common use case.
> So my answer would be "not a lot, how much do you normally allocate for
> that kind of service?"
> *RAM*: 2Gb? Is that too much? I guess 1Gb would work, but then again I
> have no idea how much KB is used atm...
> *CPU*: Jeez, another good one. 2 cores? 1 core would surely work, but
> I'm not sure it'll support the load if people suddenly start using KB a lot.
> *Packages*: from what I can read in the doc, the only packages needed
> apart from Apache are:
> * php7.0
> * php-gd
> * php-pgsql
> * unzip
> Which are very common dependencies for PHP web apps.
> Apart from KanBoard running on a webserver, the only other thing we are
> likely to run on that server is
> https://0xacab.org/lavamind/python-rss2irc, the KanBoard IRC bot. This
> can wait though, as it's running on lavamind's server and is not a
> priority to migrate.
>> 3) what's the expected SLA (roughly)?  should/can the service be
> redundant?
> I have no idea what a SLA is :(
> I don't think this needs to be redundant at all, as KB is not a critical
> system and if it dies, people can wait a few hours until I fix it.
> I don't think this should be a "public" Debian service for now. I'm open
> to making it "public" in the future, but my main concern at the moment
> is migrating it off a personal machine so DebConf18 folks can keep using it.

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