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DebConf 2019 - please schedule around July 2nd


while DebConf *2019* is still far away, I'd like to mention another big
event that casts shadows before - literally:

On July 2nd there will be a total solar eclipse visible in South
America. Since certainly several Debianites would like to watch that
one, it was nice if that day was *not* during DebCamp and DebConf.
Especially since none of the bids is in the zone of totality or anywhere
near. Therefore, please consider ending DebConf by sunday June 30th, or
starting DebCamp not earlier than July 4th so people can travel

Luckily, the Curitiba bid already fits that schedule - however there
will be some 43% coverage only which isn't really exiting. Buenos Aires
is some 1500km further southwest, so eclipse watching is a bit far away
for the trip day.

Umbraphiles a.k.a. eclipse chasers might try to view it from ESO in
Chile as well². However, with that information widely spread and just
700 tickets availabe, odds to get one are rather low.


¹ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_eclipse_of_July_2,_2019
² https://www.eso.org/public/announcements/ann17080/

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