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[Debconf-team] Correction, re: Further suggestion for flyer and brochure

Slight correction to my original message:

> Le 29 septembre 2017 à 16:19, znoteer@mailbox.org a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I have a couple more suggestions for the flyer.  I brought these up on #dc-t where there was some 
> limited discussion (started at 19:12 UTC, for those who want to see it).  
> "Access to swag in conference bags" sounds like sponsors, bronze and up, can take what they want
> from the swag bags.  We want to let them know that, rather, that they can put things in the swag
> bags.
> After some discussion with another native English speaker, we came up with "Provide materials for
> conference bags".  Ie., they can put stuff in the bags.  It also removes the word swag which may
> not be understood in all countries.

What we came up with (and what is in the diff) is "Promotional materials for conference bags".  It is actually my friend who gets credit for this suggestion.

I should add that I could go with (though my friend doesn't like it) "Access to conference bags", but I find that "Access to swag in conference bags" is not at all what we are offering sponsors.






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