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[Debconf-team] Content team: Our current status, next steps


As most of you are aware by now - We finally have a (preliminary)
schedule! \o/

It's not yet officially published, but I sent it by mail on an ODS to
the content team, and Pollo loaded it (modulo some errors I will try
to locate and fix somewhen soon) into Wafer.

Now, I'm going away for some days again. There is ample work to do,
and I need the rest of you to help with it. 

First, as I expected, several people have contacted me privately
complaining on why the schedule starts at 9AM. I agree, and you will
remember I have argued for it to start at 10AM. Please, before
publishing the schedule, consider _shifting_ everything by 1hr - That
means, start at 10, lunch 13-15, coffee at 17:00, supper 19:30. Please
do *not* change the blocks' logic (it's 3-2-2, not 2-3-2 or some
such), as it would immensely displease me :)

Also, several people whose talks were not accepted have asked how
ad-hoc or self-scheduled (pick a name!) sessions will happen. This has
to be discussed and decided *now*, or we will be drowned in requests.

Please do talk about this and decide. Ideally, the schedule and the
rules (and space availability, and all that) for self-scheduling
should be announced at the same time.

Thanks a lot. Now, I will try to disappear again into vacation mode.

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