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Re: [Debconf-team] [TREASURER #1590] Access to the SPI Debian PayPal account


* Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com> [2017-06-29 21:18:44 -0400]:

> What exactly do you need setup? As a member of auditor team, (and the
> person who initial setup the Paypal account) I have access to the SPI
> Debian Paypal account. Currently the account has a single set of login
> credentials, but we can issue API keys, and setup buttons, and the
> like. I have read that it is possible to setup additional authorized users,
> but I'll likely need to contact support, as I don't believe we are currently
> setup for that.

We're using the PayPal cart system (with the "legacy" API) and IPN for payment
notifications back to the website.

The PayPal test system is mostly broken (it returns an error 500 from days on
end, and there is a known issue that their sandbox sends back notifications
that don't have the same format as the production notifications).

We therefore need to be able to match payments made from the DebConf website if
something breaks during notification, between Paypal and us. We also need to be
able to issue refunds if necessary because something got messed up.

> I think a good first step, if everyone agrees, is to schedule a
> coworking session. (with screensharing if possible.) I spend much of
> M-Th onsite at a client, but can be available in the mornings if we
> schedule in advance. (Tuesdays are very bad). In addition, my Fridays
> and weekends are somewhat flexible, as I'm working from home those
> days. (I'm working about 70-80 hours a week, but I'll carve out the time.)

I do not think that this will be necessary. The only thing that I think we
really need to configure before accepting payments is the possibility for guest
checkout (i.e. pay by credit card without PayPal account), which doesn't seem
to be enabled currently (or maybe the test system is misleading me).

> It sounds like we will also need to contact Paypal as we are going to
> be pushing a significantly higher volume of Payments through them,
> than the average $4000/month we are now. If we don't, we risk
> triggering their automated antifraud systems. (How much are we
> planning to push through and when?)

Our current estimation is around 40,000 CAD receivable via PayPal, by the end
of July.

> Speaking of which, please be aware of a current restriction, which
> shouldn't be a major issue as Debian does have funds in the bank.
> Based on our regular donations, we have instant access only to the
> first $5,000.00 USD that comes into our Paypal account. Any payments
> received above that amount are held for 21 days.
> IE: Much of the DebConf money we collect will have a 21 day hold on
> it, as our regular donations are averaging about $4000/month.  If you
> see this as a possible issue, it's fairly straightforward to request
> an increase, but it's probably not worth the hassle as Debian has
> enough money in the bank to cover the 21 day float.

Most expenses have already been paid out of the SPI bank account already

I would like to point out that DebConf has been delaying receiving payments for
months now: we initially sought out to setup a Stripe account to receive
payments, which was denied by SPI after three months because of "too much
paperwork, just use your existing PayPal account". We've now begrudgingly
implemented PayPal on our conference webite, and still stuff is delayed because
the PayPal experience is less than optimal.

We're now less than four weeks away from the start of the conference, and it
would be great to stop incurring more artificial delays.

Thank you,
Nicolas Dandrimont

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The computer fleetly, mouse and all.

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