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[Debconf-team] Swag, extension cords, and Open weekend PC's


The summary list of swag inventory:


* Swag for bags (that I know of):
Ubuntu (pens and stickers)
Google (not sure, 50% arriving with Marga and coworker, rest arriving
after Open Fest)
Collabora (customs issue, brochures, business cards, stickers)

* Extension cords:
There are two double plugs (that I saw) in the Menzies open area.
We need power for Hetzner (TV) and Aleph Objects (3D printer and
supporting PCs). Hetzner cannot be placed close to the power plug as
this will obstruct the entrance.
We could probably place Aleph Objects close to the power point below
the notice board screens.
We could look at how this all works tomorrow, I don't see this as a
crisis at this point.

* PC's:
I need 3 PC's, is this at all possible?
I can offer mine for Debian-Edu.
We also need "an extra pc or 2" for the Aleph Object 3D printer. any
help? I know these are in short supply, does anyone have any


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