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[Debconf-team] Disability assistance for DebConf16, fairly urgent

Hi Reinette, Edwina

We spoke around the 13th of April. I hope this email finds you well.

If possible, we require one guide for a blind person, Sam Hartman, and
disability transport for Sven Mueller and possibly a few more people
between Fuller and Menzies for meal times:

>From Fuller to Menzies, level 3 around 09:30
>From Menzies to Fuller around 12:00
>From Fuller to Menzies, level 3 around 14:00
>From Menzies to Fuller around 16:00.

And if possible ad hoc trips as required.

The guide is required as soon as possible, and the disability services
from the 2nd of July (Saturday).

Please advise on the possibilities and what is required from our side?

best regards
Contact number: 083 5454 993

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