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[Debconf-team] Fwd: DebianEdu

Hi all

I have an offer to set up Debian-Edu for the Open Fest.

I don't know anything about this, so can't judge if this is doable.
Can you please comment on
1. if it would be a good idea, generally, and
2. if so, if it is technically possible to do.


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From: izak <info@wentel.co.za>
Date: Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 12:33 PM
Subject: DebianEdu
To: indiebio@debconf.org


I can (try to) setup DebianEdu for the Open Festival.

The following equipment are required:

1.  The 5-6 GB iso file to do the install.

I can download this if the bandwidth is OK with the organization team.

The iso should be available in case someone asks for it,  I think.

2.  Minimum hardware components:

(For demo purposes maybe not all that big.)


1x Gateway (class A ip capable).   (  -  I have used  IPCop
2x Switch (preferable minimum of gigabit technlogy).
1x Computer to act as a main-server with two ethernet cards.
Preferably with high RAM provision and multiple cores and hard disk.
1x Thin client with an ethernet card. Preferably network boot capable.
Lan cables.

Take note : DebianEdu sets up its own DHCP network that
**cannot/should not** be mixed with any other network.

3.  Power points - also for additional PCs/Laptops  to demonstrate the
thin client.
4.  Table, chairs
5.  Help with setting up teachers and students - demonstration users - Gosa.
6.  Help when I get stuck.
7.  Two days to do the set-up
8.  Some rotation schedule to staff the demonstration.

Let me know if you want to proceed or discuss.


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