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[Debconf-team] Proposal: publicity coverage of DebConf

Dear all
Unfortunately I'm not traveling to Cape Town but I'd like to help to get a nice semi-live coverage of the event. I hope we all can contribute to that with microblogging and blogposts.

Note: this proposal is mainly about posting with the official @debian account in the Pump.io network ( https://identi.ca/debian ), in a similar fashion as we do with the release coverage. Mirrors/repeats in non official accounts and microblogging with @debconf are also welcome.

What can we do?

* Use tags in your microblogging, when appropiate: #DebConf16 mainly. #DebConf #SouthAfrica #CapeTown if you consider it can make a difference in trending topics etc.

* You can mention:
@debian@identi.ca in the Pump.io network
@debian@quitter.se in the GNU Social Network
@debian or @debconf  in the nonfree Twitter network

to get the attention for repeating your messages. You can repeat Debian's messages too :)

* You can propose notes for microblogging leaving a message in the #debian-publicity IRC channel, starting with "DRAFT:", or vote or comment other proposals to be published (or not). I'll try to keep an eye in the channel and publish ASAP. My timezone is similar as the one in Cape Town so that helps a bit with the coverage :)

* Or you can add/ack proposals in a "filler" file (I'll put there the schedule and some other notes pre-written):


* If you are one of the people handling @debconf in Twitter, or other @debian account, you can keep an eye on the #debian-publicity IRC channel or on https://identi.ca/debian to publish similar notes, if you see fit.

* Be vocal about your DebConf activity or the events that you find interesting there: publish blogposts about what do you do in DebConf16, your experiences, etc. We'll try to microblog links to them (we'll get your post via planet.debian.org. If your feed is not there, let us know about your DebConf articles by IRC or mail to the publicity team anyway!).

* If you have any proposal for more general post(s) to be published in bits.debian.org, just tell or go ahead and commit a draft.

Keep in mind that from the publicity team channels we try to be welcoming and friendly to the whole Debian community, and that's quite diverse: from individual Debian users from all the world, to companies and organizations giving strong support sponsoring DebConf, public administrations that use Debian in their critical systems, educational institutions that contribute to Debian or do research about it... bear with us if we choose not to publish or repeat certain notes too ;)

More about the Publicity team and the channels we handle: https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/

Have a nice time at DebConf16!

Laura Arjona Reina

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