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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf T's

in-line :-

On 05/06/2016, Giacomo Catenazzi <cate@cateee.net> wrote:


> For this debconf, we already decided (see minutes last meeting). Budgeted
> money took priority over other considerations.

Um... didn't know that, looking at that.

> I agree that nice perks could help having more volunteers. We tend to forget
> it, but every year Holger remember us about it.

I hope that could be codified somewhere, if there is a way to do that
would love to know.

> The problems:
> - costs (so it should be decided very early, ev. at expense of other
> things)


> - hot days: usually DebConf weather is very hot. We just lost the
> possibility of one of the few “winter” DebConf.

umm... I was under the impression that for this year, Cape Town, South
Africa would be wintrish, at least that was what I told. I also had a
look at lonely planet last year's weather patterns of the period when
debcamp and debconf will be happening and it was showing the
temperature hovering between 10 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius as
minimum and maximum temperatures.  If that info. is wrong, could
somebody share what the weather would be like for this debconf. Maybe
write it here and I'll transplant the same to the Welcome page
https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Welcome where more people
could know about it.

Maybe there is or could be a mass mail which also shares about some of
the important information to debcamp and debconf attendees. for e.g.
about the recent terror alert and this information about weather which
would let people have understanding and informed decisions.

> - colors: we like very much to have the same color for both cloth cuts (or
> thrice if we have children cut), but cloth producer tend to have slight
> different colours for different cut)
> - and people should like it. Our demography is very dis-homogeneous (I
> prefer a T-shirt).

Did you mean heterogeneous, meaning people have different tastes, if
yes, then do agree with that.  Btw, just saw
https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/T-shirt_colors which was what I was
driving for as in a crowd where you do not know the organizers or
volunteers on a personal basis, it can become chaotic when trying to
get help, also in some sort of emergency situation, but let's pass it
on as the decision has already been made.

> A general comment on your questions: you comment a lot and give a lot of
> proposals, but we really don’t lack of ideas. Just we don’t have time to
> implement all things we like to do, so external ideas tend to be put in a
> lower priority.


>For most of the topics in this DebConf it is late for new
> proposal, but I encourage you to help us organising next ones, so if you
> have an idea, just check and try to make it concrete.

How do I do that ? Any inputs on that would be nice. The best at least from
what I know is that it would be nice if it could be codified/written
down somewhere.
The only place I can see is
so should I just put more entries on the wiki and categorize them
debconf manual or how should I go about doing it so it'w worthwhile
for say debconf 17 and next. Any input or direction would be good.

>Many tasks can be done
> outside the local groups. E.g. t-shirts were bought and printed in Mexico,
> for a lot of DebConfs (but it could be India, Thailand, or elsewhere,
> internet shorts the distances).

That's news to me, didn't know that.

>Day-trip is most a local thing, but help
> from people who don’t know the place is good (e.g. to find what a tourist
> would/must see). Webpages/wiki/conference system are also tools that needs
> more people (there is never enough people for such diverse and always in
> need for more). etc.

While for wiki I have talked a bit, could you share a bit about the
conference system, the only thing I know is the wiki, if there is a
conference system, how could we improve it, is this a coding task or a
non-coding task ?

> And maybe so, in few years we will have the first DebConf in Asia.

My efforts are in the same direction, to help out in the process
anyway I can so that we could have a debconf in Asia, preferably India
:) soonish :)

> ciao
>      cate

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