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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf T's

Hi Everyone 

Please see the T's in Dropbox or GIT. 
Thanks Stefano for your help in advance ☺

I have 3 Options: 

1) Basic Short sleeve T's 
2) Long Sleeve T's and 
3) Hoodies 

They all fall within our Budget, apart from the Hoodies that are a little more expensive. We can source money from the Swag items, as not all of them come to the full Budget. If you like the Hoodie idea. 

Cape Town in Winter is known for its rain, and cold temperatures on some days. I would strongly suggest, going with the Long Sleeve options. 

There are different Material options: 
a) Hemp and Organic Cotton - super soft and comfortable
b) Plastic Bottles and Cotton - Yep, you'd be surprised at how soft Plastic Bottles can be! The T's are made out of recycled plastic bottles. The fibres are then woven with the cotton to create the fabric. 
c) Cotton - lovely and soft. 

The suppliers will Die the fabric to any colour we would like, as well as print the Logo's onto the back of the T's. 

The Price is for the Dying, Make-up and Printing.

Let me know your thoughts and hopefully this evening we can get a decision on the T's and Bags, so they can go into Production this week. 


Tammy 082 674  9764

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