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Re: [Debconf-team] Day Trips

in-line :-

On 04/06/2016, Keerthana Krishnan <contactkeerthana@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys!

Hi Keerthana,

While I can't comment on behalf of debconf, I believe the day trip is
only on 1 day.


As per the wiki it's tentatively scheduled on 6th July.

A few trips have given an expected time for that trip, but many seem
to be open-ended. And I would assume that most people would like to
move in small groups.

I would suggest that you give 2-3 choices of which places you would
like to visit .

There probably would be possibility of groups moving early to moving
lateish and with winter there there shouldn't be any dehydration or
any energy-draining  heat to obstruct people.

If there are enough people who want to visit 2-3 or more number of
places, the wise organizers of debconf would probably be able to work
something out.

Just my 2 paise. :)

> All these options seem really great, but I would like a few clarifications.
> 1. Can a person choose only 1 of the following? Or can they choose all?
> 2. How soon should we give you our confirmations?
> Thanks and regards!
> Keerthana

P.S. - FWIW's I really like the
https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Daytrip , it's cleaned up
quite a bit, just some time estimations of some places and probably
next things could be planned.

Another thing, there hasn't been any mention of food anywhere. I am
guessing either we would have packed lunches as restaurants probably
would not be able to accommodate all the different types of eating
lifestyles people have.

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