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Re: [Debconf-team] Day Trips

in-line :-

On 03/06/2016, Tammy Manning <mungojoed@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Rossouw
> Please see the options below, that Stefano sent through, a couple of weeks
> ago.
> Please could you update the Table on wiki for us.
> I have added the prices to make it easier for you.
> Spaces/Seating:
> The buss companies, that I have quotes for, are for 45 seaters or 60
> seaters.
> Once we have confirmed which company we are going with, we will know how
> many seats/spaces to offer.
> From there it would be, whoever writes their name down first, gets to go.
> *1) Robben Island (Prison + Penguins) + V&A Waterfront*
> Price: ZAR300

Found this at the V&A Waterfront bit -


This seems like an interesting thing to do at the Waterfront.

Also saw this on the Wiki -

Simon's Town Naval Museum

If you are interested in ships and submarines, their weapons, their
equipment, the people who serve, and served in them.

    Opening times: 9h30 to 15h30

    Submarine Tour: ZAR 40.00

Can anybody tell if Simon's town Naval Museum is near the Waterfront
or a different place altogether. Also any info. on the submarine tour
would also be good. You just see how the submarine looks from inside
(which is educational in itself, sure) or does the submarine take you
to the ocean floor or something and you are able to take a peak of
nature under water ?

The link of the museum doesn't give much info. about that aspect.
Also, are there any trinkets which one could buy at the museum,
something to remember the place ?


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